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53 Years Ago Today...

53 years ago today, many American passenger trains made their last runs. The names, which fill many a history book and the minds of train fans and passengers are legion: Wabash Cannon Ball, City of Miami, San Francisco Chief, Capitol Limited, North Coast Limited, Western Star, City of Los Angeles (below)...

We don't always like to be hyperbolic, but for those of us who live trains, it was truly a massacre, and what came after didn't come close to making up for it. For me, it's quite bittersweet, since I was too young to see these trains, but just old enough to hear from many who got to experience them.

Tomorrow, we'll celebrate Amtrak's 53rd Birthday with an episode of The All Aboard Podcast, but until then, please share your memories of what riding passenger trains was like before the curtain fell. This isn't just for us, but so these memories will be preserved for future generations who will never know what the world of private passenger rail was like.

Photo Credit: Drew Jacksich, Via Wikimedia Commons

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