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A Latter Day Lark?

Newport Beach, CA-based Dreamstar is in talks with track owners Union Pacific and Metrolink to permit operation of a luxury train between San Francisco & Los Angeles. The company reports advancing conversations and if successful, this service would follow in the footsteps of the Greenbrier Limited (operated by the American-European Express) and the Rocky Mountaineer's Denver, CO-Moab, UT luxury run initiated in 2022. See Railway Age for the full story. Below: The final run of Southern Pacific's famed Lark prepares to depart Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal with an SDP45 and FP7 at the helm. Espee was one of three railroads to operate SDP45s in passenger service, with the Great Northern and successor Burlington Northern being the other two.

Photo Credit Drew Jacksich via Wikimedia Commons

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