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Alaska Railroad on the Block?

The Alaska Railroad has long been a symbol of the 49th State, being built by the Federal Government and long owned by the State of Alaska. The carrier's blue-and-yellow locomotives and passenger cars could be entering a new era as Rep. Jesse Sumner has introduced legislation which would require the state to sell the carrier. The Alaska Railroad would likely have a similar economic profile to Northern Ontario's Algoma Central, which was mostly sold by Canadian National to WATCO in 2022 and now operated as the Agawa Canyon Railroad. However, unlike the Algoma Central, the carrier serves both Anchorage and Fairbanks (combined population of roughly 319,000), while the two largest communities on the Algoma Central--the twin Sault Ste. Marie cities in Michigan and Ontario have a combined population of less than 100,000. Furthermore, while both the Alaska and Algoma Central have tourist traffic, the former is fed by the extensive Alaska cruise trade, which is close to a $2 billion market according to Future Market Insights. Links:

Photo Credit: Craig Vodnik via Unsplash

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