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All Aboard Episode 007: The Conditions for Conrail's Creation

Conrail began running trains on April 1, 1976, but our Chairman, Phil Bell, says the groundwork for it was laid as far back as the 1930s with the bankruptcy of the Old Colony Railroad and the increasing hostility that railroads in the Northeast were seeing from government agencies. Check out our latest episode of the All Aboard Podcast to learn more, and support the channel by joining our Patreon.

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Nice job Phil in explaining a complex subject. How did the Old Colony case resolve to? The Reading used bee line service as a way to reduce crew size to

three person’s,but until the formation of CR there still were five men crews on all the CR railroad participant’s. The cost of that,and their assorted fringe benifits, didn’t help. If you

watch the CNJ movie” the Big little RR” there’s an office scene with a room of office workers,today thst might be one clerk and a computer. Rule Naught also was a factor: hey kid,that’s the way we’ve always done it here on the RR!

Keep up the good work!

Me gusta
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