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All Aboard Episode 016: Railroads & EVs Pt. 2: Electrifications Forgotten

We had so much fun talking about how railroads are the leading users of electric vehicles in Episode 015 of the All Aboard Podcast, we decided to talk about some of the forgotten electrifications today. This includes the Norfolk & Western and Virginian Railways in Virginia and West Virginia, the Boston & Maine in Massachusetts, and the DT&I in Michigan. We also talk about how Henry Ford's involvement in the DT&I could have changed railroading in a notable way.

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First, I am really enjoying the podcast. Please don't take anything I am about to say as negative. Just trying to add information. As you say, there are no degrees because we never stop learning.

In your podcast today, January 24th, you stated that you felt that if the Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton were able to combine with the Virginian, Ford would have had a direct connection to the port of Norfolk to export cars. Starting in 1925, Ford had a final assembly plant in Norfolk, which by the way was located beside the Virginian main line. If Ford wanted to export cars from Norfolk, which I am not sure whether they did or not, they would have come from…

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