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All Aboard Episode 034: Conrail Today

While the name "Shared Asset Area" may be a mouthful, that word salad represents Conrail in 2024. Of course, it's also the owner of a shortline railroad, and a major contributor to freight movement in the Northeast region, despite no longer having the armada of blue diesels, the army of Trailvans, and a near lock on rail freight movement in the most populous section of the country. Phil dives into today's Conrail for this episode of The All Aboard Podcast. Tune in and share! Oh, and word on the video thumbail: EMD SD45M #6670, also known as Erie Lackawanna #3639 was photographed by Phil on a late 2022 visit to the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke, VA. After years sitting in a Norfolk Southern yard near the museum and an abortive sale attempt, #6670/3639 is now on the Museum's grounds and is one of two SD45 variants on the property, including former N&W Bicentennial-painted #1776. A close inspection reveals the Erie Lackawanna paint and lettering showing through the fading and rusting coat of Conrail blue. That tells us across three Class I operators--Erie Lackawanna, Conrail, and the Norfolk & Western, 6670/3639 was only painted twice, making her a very authentic relic of 1960s and 70s-era railroading.

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Another good job Phil,I forgot about that possible name change between CR/CSXT. The o my negative thing Conrail has done is rename several interlockings for people-I.E. CO JOHN-Mary at Morrisville Pa. Totally bogus and narcissistic IMHO.

Does the IHB still exist? Owned 52/48 by CSXT/NS?

Me gusta
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