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An E-Unit Finds a Forever Home

If you know All Things Trains, you know our Chairman Phil Bell loves E-units more than he loves railroads themselves! So, we're happy to share this great news from the Monticello Railway Museum, who recently received the generous donation of E9A #102 from the Canadian National Railway Company. This was one of 25 E-units, originally E8A and E9As that were rebuilt by Morrison-Knudsen with the help of Montreal Locomotive Works, for commuter service on the Burlington Northern's Chicago-Aurora, IL commuter line.

This rebuild was funded by a Metra predecessor agency, and that entity owned the locomotives, though they were painted for and operated by the Burlington Northern. In 1992 the fleet was retired and replaced with new EMD F40PHM-2s.

After leaving Metra's service, four of the units became property of the Illinois Central, and wore a black-and-grey scheme with the IC's "Deathstar" logo on the nose. Eventually, #s 102 and 103 were repainted in CN's classic green, black, and yellow cab unit scheme and continued to pull executive trains for CN following its acquisition of the Illinois Central.

#s 100 and 101 were later auctioned off, becoming part of the Iowa Pacific group of shortlines, while 102 and 103 remained with CN until this year. We do not have confirmation of #103's donation, but please share your thanks to CN for this great gift, and donate to the Monticello Railway Museum to help them keep this engine and their other treasures around for future generations to know how railroading shapes our daily lives. _____________________

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