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An N&W Throwback…

From way back in 1968, here is a short video of Norfolk & Western President Herman Pevler addressing stockholders during an annual meeting.

Pevler came to the N&W from the Wabash following Stuart Saunders' departure for the Pennsylvania Railroad. The N&W and Wabash were considered 'satellites' of the PRR, and the 1964 combination of those carriers (together with the Nickel Plate Road, Wheeling & Lake Erie, and the Pittsburgh & West Virginia) was a key preparatory step for the Penn Central merger, as this moved those carriers out from direct Pennsylvania influence.

Besides his stewardship of a company that now had a diverse traffic base including coal, automotive, steel, and grain, Pevler's influence was seen in the color blue, which adorned N&W's locomotives during that period, replacing the Tuscan Red (on passenger power) and black (on freight locomotives) which was previously the norm.

Pevler would be followed by Jack Fishwick, also seen in the video, after the latter spent several years leading Erie Lackawanna on behalf of the N&W, who took control of that carrier through Dereco.

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