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Cincinnati voters approve sale of city-owned railroad to Norfolk Southern

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

2023 may have been a tough year for Norfolk Southern, but gaining approval to acquire the Cincinnati Southern Railroad from the citizens of Cincinnati, OH definitely makes it a bit better. The City of Cincinnati is the municipal owner of this roughly 337 mile railroad that extends from Cincinnati, OH across Kentucky and Tennessee to Chattanooga, which sits on the border with Georgia. The City also created the railroad, with its construction authorized by an 1869 plebiscite, that resulted in this unique aspect of railroad history.

Norfolk Southern subsidiary Cincinnati, New Orleans, and Texas Pacific has been the lessee of this railroad and operator of this railroad since 1881, and it is famous for containing the "Rathole," better known as the 2nd District, which had more than 20 tunnels, leading to the humorous--and descriptive--name! Learn more in this article from Joanna Marsh in Yahoo! Finance.

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