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Dueling Visions for the Thoroughbred of Transportation

Over the past 7 Days, Ancora Holdings (March 26th) and Norfolk Southern itself (April 2nd) have released letters detailing their visions for the future of NS. Ancora's letter (linked here) described an employee-focused approach to safety and a path toward an operating ratio of 55, while reiterating why it believes Norfolk Southern is on the wrong track. My contrast, Norfolk Southern (linked here) hit back at Ancora's claims and likewise touted a sub-60 operating ratio over a period of more than 5 years. It also highlighted stakeholders--including a state legislator and union officials--who stood by Norfolk Southern's record. The proxy fight will last in May, when shareholders (and proxy holders) will cast their votes.

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I own 1600 shares,small potatoes,but was conversing with a relative who is a car inspector. There are short people and not allowed to hire. Safety be dammed.

And while I admitted I made a mistake and accepted responsibility for my actions,they still fired me,,so with great pleasure ,I’ll vote for Ancora.

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