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Partying on the CSX OCS!

Our Chairman Phil Bell had a chance to visit CSX's Office Car Special during their 2023 Christmas Party at Washington, DC's Union Station. The people at CSX were great and put on an amazing event that showed how railroading is playing an integral role in keeping America's economy moving.

Enjoy the photos below from aboard the train and, yes, Phil is a big fan of E. Hunter Harrison, so he didn't miss the chance to take a selfie outside of the car named for him. This car, built by Pullman in the late 1950s was originally a Southern Railway coach and was part of the Southern & Norfolk Southern's original steam program until it ended in 1994. The car later made its way to one of Phil's "hometown" railroads, the New York, Susquehanna, & Western where it was part of that carrier's excursions that criss-crossed the Northeast.

Another neat part of the train is dome sleeper James M. Foote, known for years under its B&O name "Moonlight Dome," which was used on many B&O runs out of Washington Union Station, including the Capitol Limited which put the car back on home rails for this event.

If you have been able to travel aboard or tour one of the Class I carrier's executive trains, please share your experiences (and photos) in the comments below!

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