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Rail Carriers Sue to Overturn Buttigieg Crew Rule

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently announced a rule that would limit the ability of rail carriers to implement one-man train crews. Union Pacific, BNSF, Florida East Coast, and the Indiana Rail Road have filed separate suits against the regulation. It should be noted that both the Florida East Coast and the Indiana Rail Road have consistently found themselves as early adopters of innovative approaches to train crews, making their participation in this process noteworthy. "Railroads have long argued that the size of train crews should be determined by contract talks, not regulators or lawmakers, because they maintain there is not enough data to show two-person crews are safer. Current safety stats can’t show how safe one-person crews are because all the major railroads have two-person crews now." Click here for the full Article from the Associated Press Photo Credit Associated Press/David Zalubowski

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I think a conductor who fits his job,makes the day go much better.

Some are out for a ride-had the cndr been more forceful,the Steel City wreck might not have happened

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