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#RandomRailfan Video 4/21/24

Today’s #RandomRailfan video comes to us from Washington, DC and shows two different generations of @amtrak motive power. The most recent is represented by three Siemens Chargers, while the older generation is the lead unit, a GE Dash 8-40BP from the early 1990s.

Marketed by General Electric as the AMD-103 (AMtrak Diesel-103mph), these units were a dramatic departure from the EMD F40PH, which became a fixture at the head of Amtrak’s trains in the 1980s. That was thanks to their monocoque (unibody) construction, and European-designed trucks, not to mention the four-cycle, GE FDL prime movers, which caused them to sound more like a steam engine than the newest thing on the rails.

The AMD-103, would be joined by the P32AC-DM, dual mode units operated by Amtrak and Metro-North in New York and New England, and the more powerful P42DC, which ultimately succeeded the F40PH as Amtrak’s standard bearer, and replaced Montreal Locomotive Works/Bombardier LRC engines on VIA Rail Corridor services in Quebec and Ontario.

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