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Size Matters...3 Little Railroads with A BIG Impact

Most people love to talk about big railroads and big trains...but some of the smaller parts of railroading, from narrow gauge to rail carriers with limited networks, pack quite the punch. The "Size Matters" series on The All Aboard Podcast will explore everything from individual shippers to Doodlebugs to diminutive locomotives as we discuss the full breadth of railroading. Today, we talk about the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie, Sandersville, and Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroads. Each of these carriers continue to play an important role in railroading, despite being tiny by industry standards. All Aboard!!

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Another nice job,either PA Dept of Environmental Protection or DCNR where the PLE boogie man..

Thanks for the pronunciation of Tennile,thought it was TenNILE,!!!

Keep up the good work

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