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The RF&P is Back!

Several months after a 'vigilante' repainted the nose of a CSX-owned former RF&P GP40-2 into its original paint, the carrier released its latest heritage unit commemorating the famed Virginia-based carrier. With a relatively short, 114-mile main line stretching between Arlington and Richmond, VA, the Richmond, Fredericksburg, & Potomac linked the Pennsylvania and Baltimore & Ohio Railroads from the north with the Seaboard, Atlantic Coast Line, Norfolk & Western, Chesapeake & Ohio, and Southern in the south. It also owned the iconic Broad Street Station in Richmond (long serving as its headquarters), as well as both Acca and Potomac Yards. In 1992, the carrier's rail operations were acquired by CSX, while the company itself--along with Potomac yard--became wholly owned by the Virginia Retirement System and redeveloped Potomac Yard in a mutli-decade real estate deal to help fund pensions of state retirees. Photo Credit: CSX via CSX Equipment Updates

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Good to know-is the number the date of incorporation or???

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