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Through the Wire...Our April Calendar Picture

Our April Calendar photo reminds us of Kanye West's famous song "Through the Wire" as our favorite peripatetic railfan, Phil Bell, shot through the this case fencing...surrounding BNSF's "Zephyr House" maintenance facility just south of Chicago Union Station to grab this shot of three interesting rebuilds. To the right are a pair of Metra SD70MACH units that had not been released into service yet. These units were rebuilt from Kansas City Southern SD70MACs and represent a return of six axle power to Chicago's commuter railroad for the first time since the famed EMD F40Cs were retired in the early 2000s. At left is BNSF 2759, a GP39E, which was rebuilt from a Southern Railway GP30. But a closer look reveals that she has lost her famous "Beetle Brow," and now boasts a cab which looks more like that of the GP30s more mundane-looking successor, the GP35. Together with the Budd galley car in the background...marked for BNSF...this view shows the eclectic nature of Chicago-area railroading in a time when monotony is much more the rule elsewhere. Photo Credit: Phil Bell, Camera: BlackBerry Key2LE. Date: 2023

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