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About All Things Trains

All Things Trains is a full-service content network for the railroad industry. We serve rail enthusiasts, industry leaders, investors, policymakers, model railroaders, and even those with a passing interest in trains.


Trains built America. They made it possible to for America to realize her manifest destiny, expanding from a shoestring of former colonies on the Atlantic Coast into the world's dominant superpower. Trains were there every step of the way, from fostering the growth of industry, to building new communities, and even carrying dignitaries around the country in style.

This rich history has created a present where railroads are a critical part of today's supply chains and passenger transportation needs. All Things Trains is where you can find all of the information you need about railroading, how it has shaped our past, and how it will build our future. Together with our content and social networking, we provide consulting services and railroad industry data. 

All Things Trains is proud to be part
 of the All Aboard Media Network, owner of print and digital media content including streaming transit data provider, and retail operations including flagship hobby-focused e-commerce platform Main Line Mall

The All Aboard Media Network is a work-from-home-first company based in Vienna, VA. It was founded in 2019 by Truesdale Holdings, LLC.

How Did We Get Here? A Brief History of All Things Trains


Phil Bell (r.) With Legendary Railroad Impresario Ross Rowland

One summer evening in 2017, two friends had a brief conversation after an event in the Washington, DC-area. One of them handed a 35mm film camera to the other, who was incredibly thankful because now he wouldn't have to use his iPhone to take train pictures.

The recipient was the then-unemployed founder of All Things Trains and the All Aboard Media Network, Phil Bell. Phil loved trains since he was a baby (his mom confirms this!) and until his early teen years, was an avid rail photographer and voracious reader of book or magazine about trains. Yet, after having put the camera down for years, here he was again shooting film and chasing any train his pickup truck could keep up with.

But those pictures were the catalyst. Developing them was ate a hole into his wallet, even after getting a new job, so Phil looked for the best way to share his love of railroads and rail photography with like-minded people and All Things Trains was born.

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