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The All Aboard Podcast

Featuring Phil Bell

On Air Mondays & Wednesdays @12:05pm


All Aboard!!

Join us for this excursion into transportation excellence where we talk...All Things Trains! This includes the business of railroading, the coolest trains and locomotives, and even the best places to eat while chasing trains.

All Things Trains Chairman Phil Bell brings you each episode from the E. Hunter Harrison Chair at the Bell Institute for Advanced Railroad Studies.

Meet Your Conductor

Phil Bell founded All Things Trains parent, the All Aboard Media Network, in 2021.


This followed extensive work in the Advocacy and Political sections of the Conservative Movement including serving on the staffs of the Maryland Republican Party, Republican National Committee, and the 2012 Newt Gingrich presidential campaign.


Phil has also worked for decades in the rail industry in a variety of capacities, including work to prevent the re-regulation of the rail industry and to advance the passage of pro-rail federal legislation.  

All Aboard: The Best Railroad Podcast

All Aboard: The Best Railroad Podcast

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